Thursday, October 11, 2007

$200 Cash Giveaway Contest !

$200 Cash Giveaway Contest !

I'm holding 2 separate cash giveaway contests.

1) I will be giving away 100$ CASH via PayPal or Western Union to whoever posts the 1000th comment on this blog.
2) I will also randomly draw a name for another $100 CASH via PayPal or Wester Union to anyone who blogs about this contest and/or this blog.


- Your post needs to be a minimum of 20 words.
- Short irrelevant comments won't count; For example: ''Nice Info & Nice Site'' or ''Hey, Interesting Post '' etc.
- Only comment that contribute to the discussion will be counted.
- We want a link to this post, so everyone can have the chance to win $100, (or maybe $200 !).
- Don't forget to leave your contact/email on your post in case you Win!

Deadline is : The posting of the 1000th comment.


Jaxim said...

Count me in. I just posted about this contest. What's the deadline so I can add that info to my blog entry:

Anonymous said...

Interesting! We should make a facebook group so that the 1000 comment comes fast you know! so yea, lets spread the good news!

gLf said...

Hi!This is my post

Leave me a comment if everything is ok. Thanks!

MyBlogContest said...

As I known, the blog contest hosted by JohnChow and ProBlogger has never reached 1000 comments. Let’s wait and see if this blog contest will ever end!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to say that I blogged your contest in my Thursday Edition of Contests Galore. Hopefully more people will stop by and comment. I'm gonna go check out the rest of your blog.

Erz said...


Here's my blog entry to your contest:


Mary said...

Is there a limit for comments per person? If not, we'll be just 10 persons to move things around. :D

kotsengkuba said...

Whoa..!! A hundred comments could sometimes be a stroke of luck already for some blogs however, having that aim, you definitely have a target in mind. How do get to reach to that aim? By blogging, e-mail sharing, forum discussing.

This is a great aim though, and I will be watching for the 1000th post. I hope it could be me :P

ssinvestor said...

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Mberenis said...

Thank you for posting this amazing blog! does html markup count as words? LOL I read the blog but I just don't like to type twenty words. So anyways, I'm typing them whether I like it or not. Yes this was a joke, and to be honest, I find you blog very informative and I agree with your opinions. That is my post, my story, and Live from....

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