Thursday, July 3, 2008

How to make quick money online using eBay and Craiglist marketplace.

How to make quick money online using eBay and Craiglist marketplace.

1. Start by going on

- Find items that are listed for sale on the ''for sale'' section in your area.
I will suggest to write a list of articles between $20 to $150 to start.

2 . Then go on eBay

- Now you will need to find the item from your list on step 1 on eBay.
Search for your first item then Check the 'Completed Listing' option, you can usually check it on the right of the eBay page. By doing this, you will get only the completed sales as a result. Then notes the price difference on the item from craiglist and the completed sale on eBay. Do these steps for all your items. Then order your list from the biggest price difference to the smallest. You can use Excel or something else to help you.

3 . Go back on craiglist

- You will need to buy the items now.
Contact the sellers of the article with the biggest price difference first, then the second biggest price difference, and so on. Then Buy, buy, buy.

4. Go back on eBay

List your items for sale on eBay. The advantage with eBay is that the market is based on auction and ''Buy now'' Price. People on craiglist are usually trying to get rid of their stuff quick.
You can even sometimes buy articles on craiglist at a lower price than the listed price when you can offer then ca$h and you are ready to buy it quick.

By doing this you can make 500$ a week easily if not more!
It can be a full time job for some!


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