Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How To Make Money Online With Your Domain Name

There are many people that are making a living with domain names.

There are maybe 3 main ways to make money with domain names:

1. Buying domain names at a low price and reselling at a higher price:

There are many people/companies that are looking for a specific name for their website or business and they are willing to pay the price for the right name. So, if you put your domain name for sale on a website with domain auctions like or, customers will bid on your domain name and bids can be from a couple of dollars to several millions for rare ones. This can be very profitable.

2. Parking your domain names with advertisements on them:

Usually this is done by default by almost all the registrar.
You can always park your domain name on the service of your choice par changing the name server from at your registrar. Some service allow you to choose some keywords that are related to the topic of your domain name so that they will be able to generate related advertisements.
The generated ads are usually PPC ads (pay per click). You will get paid when people will clickk on those ads. So if your domain name is a good generic domain name or a domain name with a lot of type in traffic you can generate a good revenue by parking it with advertisements.
And again that doesn't stop you from selling a domain name that brings you a lot of traffic and who is generating a lot of money; you will be able to sell it for more on auction sites.

3. Redirecting your domain names to a specific website or page:

The third common method to monetize a domain name is to redirect the domain name to a website or page where his traffic can be used to generate revenue.
For example you can redirect it to your affiliate program that usually use an 'hoplink' for the url.

You can also use the redirection of a domain name for a website that uses a long or complex name or url. By using a short domain name or a name that is related to the topic of the site, it makes it easier to remember.

Theses are the 3 main ways to make money with domain names.


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I found it was tough to make a profit with domaine names. Some people can just make money with anything.

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