Thursday, November 1, 2007

The 17 years old Teenage Girl Internet Millionaire !!!

Ashley have actually some kickass stats:

- Turn out millionaire by getting an excess of 70K/months with her website:
- She's getting around 7 million visitors per months and 60 million page views.
- Her website featured a steady supply of designs for MySpace pages and attracted a few hundred-thousand girls a day.
She is a teenage entrepreneur from Detroit. In less than 2 years while her company took off, she dropped out high school, bought a house and also help launch artists.

A very good example showing that almost anyone can succeed online regardless of money, location, size, or experience... just a little bit of ingenuity!


Greg from Make Money Online said...

She was one of the main reasons I started opening up websites. I Don't make the money she makes but I do make pretty good.

Anonymous said...

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